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Capital Link Developments

Capital Link is a leading real estate company that exists in the Egyptian market since 2016. It owns about 3 lands in the new capital to launch 3 new projects. Thus, it has chosen the new capital because it is a luxurious spot to launch luxurious and sophisticated projects.

Consequently, it has announced the soon launching of its first project in the new capital called after Verona Mall. Hence, it is a commercial project that will ensure you a distinct unit that you wish to have.

The location of Verona New capital

This unique project is strategically located in the new administrative capital in the downtown area of Mu19. Moreover, it overlooks three main roads, al-masa hotel, and near the delta centre. It is also close to the governmental district and the embassies district which is a distinctive spot in the new capital.

Furthermore, Verona is near the R7 and R8 which are the most tranquil and unique districts that include many recreational and service areas. So, it is near many compounds such as ad Il Bosco, De joya,  la vista, Anakajji, Jnoub, and many more. And all this make the project’s location set as the best among other projects.

Services and amenities offered in Verona new capital

The developer company provides owners with various services and facilities such as:

  • – Green spaces, water features, and landscape
  • – sound system.
  • – Backup power system
  • – Surveillance cameras, security and guarding throughout the day.
  • –  A central solar energy system
  • – Fire fighting system
  • – Panoramic elevator
  • – Central air-conditioning
  • – Car garage
  • – Flat slab
  • – Central satellite system
  • – Modern interior designs
  • – Telephone and fiber-optic
  • – 2 entrances to avoid the crowd
  • – super-lux finished offices

All this besides many other features and services that will guarantee you and clients all the comfort needed.

The design of Verona new capital

The capital link company has contracted with the engineering consultant Arkan company to design the project. Thus, arkan has designed Verona using the best architectural designs, modern construction techniques, and attractive facades.

Areas and prices of the units in Verona mall

Verona mall includes for-sale fully-finished administrative, commercial, and medical units in various areas and prices. Such as:

  1. – The commercial units have areas start from 25 to 95 sqm with a price starting from 50,000 to 90,000 EGP/ meter.
  2. – The administrative and medical units have areas that start from 26 to 84 sqm with a price starting from 18,000 to 22,000 EGP/meter.

Taking into considerations, the mall consists of a ground floor in addition to other 8 floors Thus, the ground floor and the first two floors are for the commercial units, and the rest 6 floors are for the administrative and medical ones.

The payment system in Verona mall

There are suitable payment systems to choose from. Which are:
– 0% down payment – installments over 5 years.
– 10% down payment – installments over 6 years.
– 15% down payment- 7% after a year – installments over7 years.
– 20% down payment – 10% after a year – installments over 8 years.
– 25% down payment – 10% after a year – installments over 9 years.
Plus 10% for maintenance
So, now you can obtain your unit at a reasonable price and with the payment plan that suits you. And the delivery time will be after 3 years.

Don’t miss the chance and book your unit now.

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