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Capital link Developments

Capital Link Real Estate Development is one of the leading companies in the field of building and construction in Egypt and in the Middle East, . The company was founded at the beginning of the year 2020 and it hopes to provide distinctive projects with designs that fit the modern era. Thus, it has already established various projects that got a howling success, most notably is  Verona Mall New Capital 

In addition to other various successful projects. Furthermore, it has recently announced the launch of its new business mall, Dorado Mall, in the new capital. hence, it is a new project that aims to offer you a sophisticated and luxurious unit to promote your business.

About Dorado Mall New Capital

This project is located in one of the most premium spots in the new administrative capital in M18 in the downtown area. Hence, it overlooks three main roads as well as Al-Masa hotel in addition to being close to the presidential palace and the parliament.

Accordingly, this unique spot is close to many other residential and business projects such as De joya compound, Scene 7 compound Ezdan mall, and I Business Park project. 

Furthermore, Dorado mall is designed perfectly to include a ground floor and additional 10 floors. Thus, those floors will contain administrative, medical, and commercial units in different areas and prices to meet all needs.

The offices and clinics there are fully finished with the air conditioners. And if yo want to own your medical nit there it will be a great chance; hence the only hospital in the downtown is behind the mall.

Areas and prices of the for-sale units in Dorado Mall

The developer company provides customers with various areas starting from 26 sqm and different prices for each unit type. Including:

  • – The price of the administrative units is ranging between 20,000 and 24,000 EGP per meter.
  • – The pharmacy’s price is 130,000 EGP per meter.
  • -The price of the medical units is ranging between 22,000 and  26,000 EGP per meter.
  • -The price of the commercial shops starts from 30,000 to 115,000 EGP.

So, with these prices you can easily own your dream unit that will surely promote your business and job.

The payment systems in Dorado Mall

Capital link company has offered many suitable payment system tat will ease the payment for all customer. Including:

  • – 0% down payment – Installments over 5 years.
  • – 10% down payment – Installments over 6 years.
  • – 15% down payment – Installments over 7 ears.
  • – 20% down payment – Installments over 8 years.
  • – 30% down payment – Installments over 9 years.

All this in addition to discounts on the payment plans and the cash payment on the launching day. Hurry up and don’t miss this chance.

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