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De Joya New Capital

De Joya New Capital – is a luxurious residential compound launching soon in the New Administrative Capital, by leading developer Taj Misr. This project is considered the largest modern residential compound in the area that exhibits the spirit of the modern era, through an atmosphere of excellence, sophistication, privacy and tranquility.

As it is completed, it will contain many luxury features, in addition to its distinguished location in the New Capital, making this compound one of the best in the Administrative Capital.

De Joya New Capital

About Taj Misr Developments

Taj Misr is one of the largest international Egyptian companies in the real estate development field. It was established in 2006, and own’s many projects in and around Egypt, and has heavily contributed to the development of many other projects Qatar:

  • – The American School of Sheikh Zayed
  • – Badr Gardens Project
  • – Greens project
  • – Ezdan Mall, New Capital
  • – The social club for the employees of the Central Bank in New Cairo
  • – The address compound- Sheikh Zayed
  • – The head office of BLOM Bank Egypt in New Cairo
  • – Landmark Tourism Company
  • – United Agricultural Investment Company
  • – The Egyptian Company for Hotel Services, Lun Star Company in Qatar
  • – Snap Company in the Arab Republic of Egypt
  • – Showroom Hyundai Motor Company
  • – Al Markhiya Mall – Qatar
  • – Packer Twin Towers – Qatar
  • – Panasonic Tower- Qatar
  • – Al-Attiyah Tower and Al-Saliyah Tower – Qatar.

All of these, and many other successful projects, have given Taj Misr a remarkable reputation among real estate developers.

To add on to their previous success, they have proudly announced a new project, The De Joya, New Capital Compound, being developed in the new administrative capital. This will be an integrated compound, guaranteeing the residents the total luxury, privacy, safety, serenity, and tranquility they seek.

The location of De Joya, New Capital

Taj Misr has chosen the most active and luxurious area of the new administrative capital to launch De Joya. This plot of land is located in New capital city, in the eighth residential district – area R8, plot B2 d.

This prime area directly overlooks the tourist walkway, and is strategically close to the diplomatic district, embassy district, ministries district, and the Anakaji compound. The De Joya compound is also just minutes away from the Green River, Central Park, and the Presidential Palace.

When completed, De Joya will be spread over 23.5 acres, divided into apartments, studios, duplexes, service areas, landscaping, and nature areas.

The design of De Joya New Capital

The De Joya New Capital project is being designed by the best modern engineering architects, using only the most innovative and eye-catching designs. Taj Misr was greatly concerned with achieving interior and exterior designs that would leave every client feeling happy and satisfied.

Taj Misr sought the assistance of the engineer Medhat Dora, the owner of the Space Engineering Consulting Office, in designing the De Joya project.

They also contracted a large number of experts and consultants, who participated in the establishment and implementation of the project, and helped develop a distinct master plan.

The De Goya New Capital is being built on 23.5 acres, and will include a variety of luxury apartments and duplexes. 20% of the entire De Joya compound is dedicated to natural landscaping, green spaces, lakes and other features that reflect the beauty of nature

The remaining area is designated for the units and residential buildings, where you can relish your life, surrounded by nature.

Services and amenities offered in De Joya, New Capital city

De Joya will be home to a wide range of exclusive features and services, all aiming to give you and your family the life you deserve:

  • – Swimming pools for all ages, and a private pool for ladies only.
  • – A large clubhouse, including a Gym, spa, and jacuzzi.
  • – Tracks for running, jogging, and cycling.
  • – Underground parking lots.
  • – A sports club that will include many activities and playgrounds.
  • – Artificial lakes and fountains overlooking the housing units, bringing the beauty of nature close to you.
  • – Renowned restaurants and cafes.
  • – A Clinic and medical center.
  • – A large security crew to watch over the whole project, 24\7.
  • – A retail and commercial area that will contain many shops and international brands.
  • – Aquarium areas and water bodies.
  • – Garbage shooter
  • – A safe kids area, where children can play games with their friends and siblings.
  • – All designed in an eco-friendly environment, reliant on solar energy.

All of these, and many other facilities and features will be available, to satisfy the cravings of the most luxurious lifestyle.

Sizes and prices of the residential units in De Joya New Capital

Taj Misr offers a large selection of for-sale semi-finished residential units that meet your requirements, with prices ranging from 8,750 to 10250 Pounds\meter.

Available sizes and prices:

  • – A 70 sqm apartment with one bedroom – 905,000 EGP.
  • – A 145 sqm apartment with a 50 meter garden and two bedrooms – 1,606,000 EGP.
  • – A 180 sqm apartment with a 65 meter garden and three bedrooms, – 2,035,000 EGP.
  • – A 137 sqm apartment with three bedrooms – 1,400,000 EGP.
  • – A 136 sqm apartment with three bedrooms – 1,314,000 EGP.

Now you can obtain your dream home in one of the most fabulous compounds in whichever size you desire, and at a price point you can afford. De Joya is also the perfect place to invest in or start your new business!

The payment system in De Joya New Capital

Taj Misr provides several different payment systems for the De Joya New Capital project:

  • – 0% Down payment- Installments over seven years.
  • – 5% Down payment – Equal installments over eight years.
  • – 10% Down payment- Equal instalments over nine years.

All of these options are no-interest, but there is an additional 8% maintenance fee to be paid. The delivery date is scheduled for 2024.

With the available features, we highly recommend the De Joya New Capital project for anyone wanting to achieve a luxurious lifestyle. In De Joya you will obtain the sophistication and tranquility that you deserve.

So, if you are interested in experiencing a new level of luxury, move quickly to secure your unique unit now!

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