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Castle Landmark, by Castle Developments

Castle Developments, owners of Castle Landmark, New Capital, have tremendous experience in the Egyptian real estate market. They are well known across many fields, and are related to the ABC company which was established in Jeddah in 1982. Castel Developments always seeks perfection in its projects, which is reflected in the many distinctive projects they have launched across Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jeddah city.

Their portfolio includes:

  • – NCB Bank
  • – Kaust Inn Hotel
  • – Maad Towers
  • – Redsea Mall
  • – East side

Last but not least, they have announced the launch of their newest and most luxurious projects, in the heart of Egypt, in the New Capital. The Castle Landmark compound will ensure you and your family a magnificent lifestyle of luxury, convenience, serenity, privacy, comfort, and enjoyment. The Castle Landmark project is a partnership between Castle Developments, and the Misr Maqasa company.

The design of Castle Landmark, New Capital

Castle Developments had a very clear vision for what it wanted this new project to achieve. To reach their goals, they contracted okoplan to carefully design the entire project, with its facades utilizing the latest modern techniques and innovative architectural elements.

First and foremost, Castle Developments wanted to keep the customers in mind, including their customers with special needs. To that end, every building in the compound has been carefully designed with accessibility in mind, and the master plan for the compound reflects this throughout.

The location of Castle Landmark, New Capital

The Castle Landmark project enjoys a strategic spot in the seventh residential district ( R7) in the A1. Because of this, the compound is in the most tranquil and unique spot in the new administrative capital, which is known for having the lowest population density of the region. The project is just minutes away from scenarioentrada and the City compounds, as well as the British university. It is also close to the Al Sefarat neighborhood, the green river, the new capital airport, and the southern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed.

Castle Landmark spreads over 41.5 acres with about 5 Billion in investments. 18% of the total plot is dedicated to buildings, homes, and attractive service areas. The rest of the land area is for the prestigious natural spaces, landscaping, and artificial lakes that give stunning views throughout the compound. This is all in addition to the recreational areas inside the compound and around it, to meet your every need.

Services and amenities offered in Castle Landmark

The developer of Castle Landmark offers their residents a wide range of services, guaranteeing them a comfortable standard of living:

  • – Swimming pools for all age, distributed throughout the project.
  • – A 24\7 security crew and surveillance cameras, to keep the entire compound secure and protected.
  • – Entertainment area for families, in addition to a safe kids play area.
  • – International restaurants and cafes, offering service at the highest quality.
  • – A nursery.
  • – A well-equipped health club, gym, spa, and Jacuzzi.
  • – A large sports and social club, featuring many activities and playgrounds.
  • – An Eco-friendly and clean environment that utilizes green solar energy.
  • – A large commercial area, including many shops and international brands.
  • – Vast green spaces, water bodies, and lush landscaping that reflects the beauty of nature.
  • – Dedicated easy entrances and gates for the compound.
  • – Central air conditioning and internet network.
  • – Golf Carts to aid movement around the compound.
  • – Squash courts.
  • – Places for barbecues and parties.
  • – Huge underground parking lots, to facilitate traffic and transportation.

All of these and many other facilities and features, will make Castle Landmark one of the best compounds in the New Cairo Capital.

Sizes and prices of the residential units in Castle Landmark

Castle Landmark is home to a variety of for-sale unit types, including: penthouses, apartments, twin houses, standalone villas, duplexes, and townhouses. Each unit type has various sizes and prices and overlooks a charming and outstanding view. Some of the sizes and prices available are:

  • – A 200 sqm apartment costs 3,072,000 EGP.
  • -A 190 sqm apartment costs 2,960,000 EGP.
  • – A 145 sqm apartment costs 2,251,000 EGP.

There are many other unit sizes, starting from 120 to 285 sqm and with prices starting from 14,000 to 15,000 EGP\meter. Now, you can obtain the unit of your dreams, at a reasonable price and with an attractive payment plan. The home will also be in this vibrant integrated living community, that provides you with a relaxing atmosphere to enjoy the real meaning of a luxury lifestyle.

The payment systems in Castle Landmark

There are several attractive payment plans offered by Castle Developments, including:

  • – A 10% down payment – with installments over 120 months with a 20% discount.
  • – A 7.5% down payment- with equal installment over 12 years with a 15% discount.

All units are scheduled to begin delivery to clients in 2022  fully and semi-finished ones. Don’t miss this opportunity, hurry up and book your unit now.

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