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The best places to buy electrical, plumbing and paints for your apartment

After buying a ownership apartment, some prefer to re-establish it with strong materials and finishes and bear heavy service. Despite this, many of us know little about the details of finishing the apartment. The stage of buying your apartment requirements comes as an important and essential step. There are some specific places and stores where you find good materials, tools and equipment at competitive prices. And great quality.

Electrical tools and the best places to buy them  
The tools needed to finish electricity are hoses, wires, plastic boxes, light switches, electrical sockets, electrical switches, air-conditioning switches, room lighting, dashboard switches, and electrical panels. The electrical finishing shops are in the mosque square, and the electricity market prices are slightly better than the prices of the mosque square shops.

Najaf and electric lamps
As for chandeliers and lamps, you will find many shapes and designs available in the electrical market at Ataba and also in the Jamea Square stores in Heliopolis.

As for the costs of installing electrical equipment, they are calculated according to the apartment’s area and workload. The electrical workmanship on an apartment of 100 square meters ranges up to 5000 pounds.

Electricity works
Plumbing works and fixtures
Pipes, sinks and valves
In the stage of plumbing finishes , the plumber begins to determine the places of drainage and the optimal distribution of electrical appliances such as the automatic washing machine, dishwasher and stove. Then comes the stage of purchasing plumbing tools from bathroom drainage supplies and pipes. It is preferable to buy Aquatherm and polypropylene pipes, as they are not rusted like iron and cast iron pipes.

You can buy plumbing supplies from pipes and valves from the Ataba area or from any Mowan store. Al Mowan is a store that has many tools, including plumbing and paints. One of the most famous exhibitions that sells all plumbing materials with high quality materials is Mahgoub Group in the 10th district in Nasr City.

Kitchen and bathroom mixers
With regard to water mixers such as faucets, shower mixers, basins, sinks, jacuzzi, shower cabins and bathtubs, major companies such as Duravit, Ideal Standard, Roca and Groy offer premium plumbing devices and mixers with warranty and distribution of their products in exhibitions, so it is better and safer to buy them from major and famous stores such as El Sallab, Mahgoub All and Mazloum companies. These exhibitions offer great offers and discounts on a continuous basis. Plumbing workmanship in a medium-sized apartment ranges from 4000 to 6000 pounds.

When choosing the installation of ceramic floors, you will find many exhibitions that offer different shapes and types, including the first sorting and the second sorting, and we advise you to stay away from the second sorting, due to the presence of defects in the ceramics , you may find, for example, tiles of different sizes or a different color, which will cause spaces and breaks after installation, so choose Ceramic first sort.

The best types of flooring - ceramic
wooden doors
The price of the room's wooden door made of musky wood is estimated at about 3000 pounds, and it measures 90 x 210 cm, width 2 inches, legs 12.5 cm, ross 15 cm, padding 1.5 inches, veneered with beech or oak veneer and contains a throat, broiler and paint, but without Hinges, gallon and accessories, and there are wooden doors in the Manasrah area and the threshold.

Paints and paints
Paint materials are sealers, paste and color paints, and the paints that you can choose from are varied, such as Jotun, GLC, and Scape, and there are many distributors, such as Modern Building Chemicals and Port Stores, as well as Jotun Showrooms, GLC Showrooms and Island Showrooms. 

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