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Learn more about the City of Arts in the Administrative Capital


A city full of arts and culture in the new capital

Egypt was and still is a platform for art, and on its land all cultures met and the most ancient civilizations of the world rose. The ancients were famous for their interest in creativity and arts, including sculpture, architecture, and high edifices of arts and culture that testify to an unparalleled civilization.

From this point of view, the idea of ​​the City of Arts and Culture in the new administrative capital came as a continuation of Egypt's path in reviving arts and creative and cultural works for thousands of years to this day. 

To become the City of Arts and Culture in the New Administrative Capital, an edifice of excellence and a beacon of artistic creativity with the latest and most prestigious architectural designs.

About the City of Arts in the Administrative Capital

The City of Arts is one of the projects of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Communities in the New Administrative Capital. The City of Arts is built on an area of ​​about 127 acres. It is a high-class cultural city that includes a large number of cultural facilities such as theaters, major libraries and art galleries in all kinds of arts and handicrafts.

The City of Arts in the New Administrative Capital is one of the greatest contemporary cultural achievements in Egypt and the entire Middle East. 





The state implements the projects of the City of Arts

The City of Arts and Culture is a development and establishment of the Urban Communities Authority under the supervision of the Ministry of Housing and the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces. The Urban Communities Authority is responsible for the establishment of cities and the reconstruction of new urban communities since its establishment in 1979 until the present day under the supervision of the Ministry of Housing to preserve the civilized form in Egypt in Pompous image and revival of new cities.

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The location of the City of Arts in the new capital

The City of Arts is located in the most distinguished area in all of Egypt, in the New Administrative Capital, which is characterized by its unique location on Ain Sukhna Road and Cairo-Suez Road, and close to the regional ring road.

The City of Arts in the New Administrative Capital is characterized by its proximity to many vital areas in Cairo, such as New Cairo, Al Rehab, Madinaty, and the 90th Street .



Advantages of the City of Arts and Culture in the Administrative Capital

The City of Arts and Culture is one of the most distinguished modern projects for many reasons, such as: 

The City of Arts and Culture in the Administrative Capital includes an opera house, which is planned to be the largest in Egypt and the entire Middle East.

It includes one of the largest music theaters in Egypt, which is planned to accommodate more than 1,200 people, designed according to the latest international models, to prepare major concerts.

It includes a drama theater of the highest level.

The City of Arts contains a main hall that accommodates more than two thousand people, which was designed at the highest level of lighting, sound systems and modern decorations with the help of major engineering companies and design innovators.

The City of Arts also houses the Museum of Egyptian Art, which combines ancient and contemporary art in an unprecedented setting. 

It includes a large library with different sections for many fields and contains a good number of rare books.

It includes a wax museum with wax statues of dignitaries and the most important throughout Egyptian history.

It includes green spaces, tree walks, beautiful landscapes, and displays of ancient and contemporary art.

It includes an art exhibition to encourage people with different artistic talents to display their works of sculpture, drawing, pottery and handicrafts.

It includes a large mosque of the most luxurious assistant and is planned to accommodate approximately 600 people.






Advantages of the Administrative Capital

Choosing the administrative capital as a site for great work, such as the City of Arts and Culture, is a good choice because of the city's unique advantages over other cities, most notably: 

All important and major state institutions are moved to the administrative capital.

The largest central park in the world includes the Capital Park, which is designed on an area of ​​1,000 acres, with a length of 10 kilometers, with the latest international designs and the most wonderful views that you can see and enjoy.

The new administrative capital includes the Green River, which passes through all cities and residential neighborhoods, and its length is 35 kilometers.

In the Administrative Capital, there are a large number of job opportunities in all disciplines, especially for young people in their prime. 

The Administrative Capital is the focus of attention of all investors, which increases the chances of new projects that open more opportunities for young people to work and live in. 

It includes all services at the highest level and in a manner that takes into account the standards of preserving the environment.

A very large percentage of the new administrative capital's space has been allocated to green spaces, gardens and parks, making it one of the most calm and beautiful places.

The administrative capital is characterized by security control, high-level surveillance cameras in all areas, and high-quality security services.

The Administrative Capital includes many high-level residential projects such as: Zavani Compound, Al Maqsad Compound, Castle Landmark Compound, and Midtown Sky Compound . 

The New Capital includes a large number of luxury malls and major shopping centers such as: Avalon Mall, Financial Hub Mall, Discovery Mall, APEC Mall and Marvel Mall. 

It includes the Cathedral of Christ, which is one of the largest churches in the Middle East, and the Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque, which is one of the largest and most luxurious mosques in the world.


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