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Gypsum board prices and places to sell it in Greater Cairo

What is gypsum board?

Gypsum board is a lightweight gypsum board that is treated with some other materials such as fiber and silicon, and it has many uses in hanging decoration works, office partitions, wall libraries, and others.

Gypsum boards are one of the latest and finest home decoration tools , as they are widely used to add artistic touches to residential units. They are available in many types, and their prices and installation methods vary according to the space and the accessories used in them.

There are some decoration shops and commercial markets specialized in finishing apartments, which have several outlets for the sale of these panels, and often sellers there can direct you to trained labor specialized in installing gypsum boards.

And if you want to renew your apartment’s decoration without much expense, work and time, gypsum boards are the best choice.

Get to know the Gypsum Board
Learn about the types of gypsum board
There are 3 types of gypsum board available in the market, and each type has its own specifications and uses. There is a green gypsum board that is anti-moisture, there is a red gypsum board that is anti-fire, and there is a regular white gypsum board.

Green against moisture: It is the most popular type and is widely used in apartments and condominiums. It is gypsum boards surrounded by a layer of reinforced cardboard with a layer of fiberglass and silicone inside. It is lined with green gypsum board due to its distinctive green color.
This type is widely used in Egypt to avoid or treat moisture that affects buildings. It is also preferable to use it in bathrooms, kitchens and garden decorations because of the high humidity in these places.

Red fireproof: It is a gypsum board covered with a high layer of cardboard, which is a medium level of gypsum board, and it is used in offices and commercial and administrative premises.
Plain white for decorations only: It is the cheapest type of gypsum board, which is gypsum boards wrapped in white cardboard, and is usually used in places where there is no moisture or water use, such as partitions for administrative offices and wall libraries.

Advantages of using gypsum board
  very lite.
  Flexible in any decor.
  Easy and quick to install.
  Moisture insulator.
  Fire retardant.
  It does not make any major changes to the original walls and ceilings.
  It has no residue unlike normal finishes.
places to sell gypsum board
Gypsum cold exhibitions are spread in all governorates, but there is an Egyptian and Chinese industry for it, and there are other foreign companies specializing in it.

The most important and largest companies that manufacture gypsum boards are the German Knauf company and the Italian company Placo, and they have branches and outlets in Egypt, and one of the most famous in Greater Cairo to sell the best types of gypsum board materials and accessories is Zakat Foundation Street in Al-Marj area.

What is gypsum board and what are its advantages and disadvantages in decoration?  installation
Gypsum board installation
Many things must be paid attention to before starting to install the gypsum board, the most important of which are:

  Selection of skilled and professional workers.
  Accurately measure walls and ceilings.
  Choose the right type for your use.
  Attention to choosing high-quality accessories suitable for each type of gypsum board.
  Pay close attention to the final finishing and painting of the particle board.
Important tips when installing gypsum board
  Choosing the best suitable types for each use of a specific type.
  Beware of negligence in fixing the gypsum board, as it is prone to fall.
  Choose the design that is right for you well before starting the installation work.
  Do not use white gypsum board in bathrooms and kitchens.
  It is preferable to use green gypsum board in residential apartments.

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